Monday, June 25, 2007

Conan: Red Nails Details

On 6/18/07, Steve Gold dropped a nugget in his REDBLOG that few picked up on. He annouced the full cast for Conan: Red Nails as well additional details and the release intent.

"You will see an R rated RED NAILS. There will also be a mass-market PG-13
cut and an UNRATED DIRECTOR'S CUT . What you can expect in every cut is
amazing art, an epic story and great performances."

"We are in the process of putting up onsite some film audio files so you can
hear RON PERLMAN curse in Cimmerian!"

Ron Perlman (hellboy) - Conan
Cree Summer (the boondocks) - Valeria
Marg Helgenberger (CSI) - Tascela
James Marsden (X-men) - Techotl
Clancy Brown (Justice League) - Olmec
Mark Hamill (Star Wars) - Tolkemec