Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Masters Of Science Fiction finally airs (for a moment)

Starting August 4th, for four weeks at 10pm each Saturday night, ABC premieres a Masters of Science Fiction episode.

Professor Steve Harding narrates the "mini-series." August 4th, A Clean Escape, from a John Kessel's story and directed by Mark Rydell. August 11th brings The Awakening from Michael Petroni and Howard Fast. Jerry Was A Man drops onto the screen August 18th. The mini-series ends on August 25th with a Harlan Ellison story, directed by Jonathan Frakes. Starring John Hurt and Brian Dennehy.

Screw ABC for scrapping this project before it aired. The order went from a full season to a mid-season replacement without airing once. Then ABC cut the order to 6 episodes that were made during the initial 13 order. We get to see 4 episodes in dead air summer time on a non-promoted Saturday night at 10pm. After the directors and writers that signed on board for this project, it could have been special. ABC reduced the show to a "mini-series" of dumped programming.